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tune into the

christian business connection radio and tv show

CBC Co-Sponsors

Hosted by Prophetess Nona Thomas,
the CBC Radio Show and TV Show
feature interviews with members
of the Christian Business Connection and community leaders.

Take a listen and learn which services
and products CBC members offer.

ENJOY OUR LATEST EPISODE of the cbc tv show

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ENJOY OUR LATEST EPISODE of the cbc radio show

LISTEN to the CBC Radio Show,
the #1 Gospel Talk Program

on Hallelujah 1600 radio station
iHeartMedia and via the internet at .

Every Sunday from 10 AM to 11 AM,
Prophetess Nona interviews business owners,
ministry and organization leader

Would you like to be interviewed?
Click here for more information.

Check out Prophetess Nona Thomas's
latest Podcast.
Be encouraged!  Keep going!  You can do it!
Ecclesiastes 9:11 ~ The race is not given to the swift or to the strong but to the one who endures to the end. 

Sometimes it may look like you are being left behind, forgotten, not acknowledged and you see what appears
to be others passing you by with great speed.  BUT God's Word is true....    Endure to the end! 

I speak that His Greatest Blessings are overtaking you NOW and SURELY,  your latter days will be greater!

Glory To God! 


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